Lewis Ingham

Musical Wallpaper is a business that specialises in composing original music for film and multimedia. Founded by Lewis Ingham in 2014, Musical Wallpaper adheres to a philosophy whereby music can be likened to regular household wallpaper. Wallpaper can be loud and vibrant or subtle and pleasant, but ultimately, wallpaper is a simple way to enhance a room. Musical Wallpaper treats each project in a similar way, seeing music as a simple way to enhance all multimedia projects from films and advertisements to installations and corporate videos. 

Musical Wallpaper offers a free consultation and quote for all potential clients. Please contact us through this site if you are interested in featuring an original composition or score in your next project.

"Cantala" (Promotional Film 2017)
  Composer - Lewis Ingham
  Film - Aaron Puls
Promotional film for SJB Architects' Cantala project.
"Lucidity" (Short Film 2017)
  Composer/Sound Design - Lewis Ingham
  Director - Karl Walker
While exchanging stories in a bar, Michael shares with Ryan a disturbing dream he has been having.
This is an excerpt of the film.
"Aggie" (Short Film 2016)
  Composer - Lewis Ingham
  Director - Abhishek Samariya
A jet-lagged Polish girl plunges into a vibrant new city and tries to find herself in the new reality. "Aggie" is a story of being a stranger in a new place and needing to adjust both your watch and mindset to a very different part of the world.
Due to competition entry requirements, video footage from "Aggie" cannot be shown on this page.
"The Hike" (Short Film 2016)
  Composer - Lewis Ingham
  Director - Elizabeth Malcher
The Hike is a late coming-of-age story, one of lovers lost and self discovery.
"Lewis' exceptional originality, talent, & ability to collaborate has made him a pleasure to work with.
His strikingly unique compositions have beautifully melded with my films, allowing them to become emotional experiences where image and sound are deeply interwoven."
- Elizabeth Malcher (director)
"Homesick" (Short Film 2015)
  Composer - Lewis Ingham
  Director - Elizabeth Malcher
Homesickness has burrowed deeply into Sayo's days. Her need to reconnect with Japanese culture sends her looking for comfort, she finds it in one of life's simple pleasures.

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