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Image: Yasha Hoffman.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Lewis Ingham is a composer primarily working within the fields of notated acoustic music and electroacoustic music. His work expands from a conceptual drive inspired by urban life and landscape, as well as evocative imagery and narrative based on human experience, anthropomorphism, and ecology. Lewis' compositions have been performed across Australia and the USA, with recent highlights including works for the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Ensemble Offspring, Momentum Ensemble (Australian Youth Orchestra), and Hypercube (USA).

Lewis’ compositions focus on exploring the textural and timbral capabilities of instruments within solo and ensemble contexts. His sensitivity to orchestration and the finer details of his music allows each work to deeply relate and respond to the extramusical content they’re readily influenced by. Underneath his infatuation with instrumental colour, Lewis’ compositions offer slowly evolving progressions with a particular emphasis on singular melodic gestures.

In early 2021 Lewis was a winner of the Inaugural Solo Performer Commissioning Competition and composed a new work for countertenor Hamish Gould (commissioned by the Melbourne Composers’ League and Panoramic Music). This was followed by a new work for American ensemble Hypercube as part of their CubeLab composition program. In 2020, Lewis had a new composition premiered by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra as part of the Cybec 21st Century Young Composers Program. This followed the premiere of a new work by Ensemble Offspring as part of their 2019 Hatched Academy program. In 2018, Lewis was appointed Grainger Museum Composer-in-Residence, a year-long appointment which involved the commission of a soundscape to accompany an exhibition in the Grainger Museum.

Lewis has studied composition to a postgraduate level and is a current PhD candidate at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music under the tutelage of Elliott Gyger. Previous composition teachers and mentors include: Stuart Greenbaum, Anne Cawrse, Julian Yu, and Christine McCombe. Within the academic environment, Lewis has proven himself highly adept as a tutor and lecturer of music theory, orchestration, and composition and is currently employed as a tutor by the University of Melbourne. Lewis offers private music theory tuition at both tertiary and secondary levels.